Winter 2014 - City of Carpinteria Skate Park Feasibility Study Public Workshop

Amongst an overflowing chamber of supporters, the Council voted 4-0 with one absentee to incorporate a skatepark into our public park system. The council further motioned to focus analysis of the City Hall hockey rink as the potential location for the in-ground concrete skatepark.

Summer 2014 - City of Carpinteria Skate Park Feasibility Study (page 107) 
The City is working on a skate park feasibility study that will soon be completed. Its purpose is to prepare a study that evaluates the compatibility and necessity of a skate park in the city. The study shall review relevant information from current operators of skate parks, evaluate the challenges to finance, build and operate a skate park, and evaluate a list of potential sites.

Winter 2013 - Community Forum
The Carpinteria Skate Foundation along with Spohn Ranch hosted an evening of discussion which followed a Skatepark site analysis presented by Spohn Ranch. The packed house had in attendance both supporters and opponents. These meetings which we have hosted before are intended to obtain feedback which can be incorporated into the proposed Skate Garden project. Both positive and negative feedback is useful which helps the Skate Garden project concept become a community owned project.

Aug 2013  -  Recorded Presentation  Our presentation starts around the 24 minute mark, there are also some great public comments shortly afterward.
We presented a site analysis on possible locations for a skatepark. Our analysis took in many factors and the results have led us to our current project concept( The Skate Garden) placed at the 5th street lot. We wanted to share with the community and the city council how and why we are pursuing this location. Please follow the link here to watch a recording of the presentation. If there are any questions please email us. See email below.

Feb 2013
We held a Supporters Group Photo where over 150 of our supporters came out with minimal advance notice to declare their support for the Skate Garden project concept. The photo opportunity arose after the Coastal View let us know they were going to be doing a story on the Skate Garden project. It came out in the Valentines issue.  

Dec 2012
As of November 2012 the City owns the land commonly known as the 5th Street Lot. This has been the first choice location for our project since the beginning. Public meetings concerning the future use of the new City park will take place in early 2013. A skate park is not guaranteed unless we effectively make the case for our "Skate Garden" concept. Your participation and support for this project is critical. Please check back often or sign up for email alerts to be informed on when these community meetings will be held.