August 2017

Dreamland Skateparks to begin discretionary plan set.

Dreamland's incredible conceptual design below, will be used to develop a discretionary approval plan set. The City's planning department use this plan set to work through potential design issues(not skate features) with the *applicant. Once the plan set has been given discretionary approval, construction documents are created to be used to obtain permits to build. Once permits are granted we break ground, the actual construction of the skatepark and all of the above phases will be provided in a more detailed timeline and posted here soon.

In the meantime, we would like to hear your thoughts on the design below. Dreamland is a world renowned skatepark design firm out of Portland Oregon. They have flown down and visited our site, talked with the community and the result is this dreamy park design. 

*The city is the official project client working on behalf of CSF and the Community. Details of partnership can be found in our MOU here.


2/22/16 5:30 pm
The City of Carpinteria and CSF have entered into a working partnership thanks to a unanimous vote by the City Council.

The MoU defines roles and responsibilities through five significant phases of the skate park's design, approval process and park operations. It also describes the funding responsibilities of each party for each phase. 
  1. (Current Phase) The Design Phase where detailed project plans are developed.
  2. The Permitting Phase where both regulatory and discretionary development and coastal development permits are sought.
  3. The Operational Commitment Phase where an operational plan for the park will be authored and agreed to by both parties.
  4. The Construction Phase where project public bidding and construction management is accomplished.
  5. The Ongoing Operations and Maintenance Phase where the park is open and in service to the public. This phase will be enduring if the park is successfully developed.